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We are looking for collaborators and donors – people with talent, passion, a sense of community, pride, playfulness, candour and courage – to organise and host Collaborative events as a core part of Very Hong Kong.

We need your ideas!
To be considered, we require a brief description of your proposed event including title and theme, where it is intended to be held and why.

We welcome any ideas that reflect the aims of Very Hong Kong, to:
  • Engage and inspire residents and visitors alike
  • Promote public participation in the urban spaces of Hong Kong
  • Improve people's enjoyment, navigation and access to the city
  • Find new uses for under-utilized spaces
  • Show creativity and imagination

And, above all, your event should bring people together!

To get full details, event guidance and requirements, please complete the form below.

To simply register your interest and receive updates on the call for events, news and updates please complete:

To submit your Collaborative Event application, please also complete:


Upload your idea as a word or pdf file (max size of 5MB) and then hit submit.


  • Applicants can be individual or groups. For applicants on group basis the group should designate a core member to be responsible to the Very Hong Kong Foundation, as well as management and funding of the event.
  • Any applying individual or, lead person of applying group, or head of applying organisation should have reached age 18.
  • Applicants are required to provide proof satisfactory to the Foundation in the proposal of his/her qualifications, experience and ability to complete the event.
  • Any individual, group or organisation is allowed to participate in more than one proposed event.

If you have any questions about the Call for Events, please contact the Very Hong Kong Curatorial Team:

Billy Kwan
T +852 852 2528 8666

Donate Space

Encouraging street life in Hong Kong and bringing people together in public or under-used spaces for free community use is a key objective of Very Hong Kong. We are looking to evoke community spirit and public participation.

If you have a public or private space – such as public open space in private development, a rooftop, a gallery, hall, school, community centre or garden – you would like to donate for use by Very Hong Kong events, or to host your own Collaborative event, please contact us.

Sponsor an Event

We are reaching out for sponsorship; with an abundance of Highlight and Collaborative events taking place in highly visible location in three of Hong Kong's most significant areas, we can offer exposure on a host of planned activities with tiered sponsorship opportunities for individual events or Very Hong Kong overall.

We prefer a personal, one-on-one touch when it comes to collaboration to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement is nurtured. We would be delighted to discuss a more tailored sponsorship package, or hear more on the great urban spaces that can be utilized, so please do get in contact to set up a meeting.

Sponsorship contact
Billy Kwan
T +852 2528 8666
M +852 9136 1039